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Reporting conditions on the 2012 export quota of rare earth

Managers plan, organize and authorization capabilities, will deeply affect his job performance ; But many managers do little planning or organization , and authorized the skills are quite weak. We first hearing , may think it will never be , because these are the manager's duty to work . Now let's look at a few cases. Story One: Zhigang into a company as a manager , he can supervise the company in view of the ability of poor people to work , put him on an important job arrangements . The first day he took office , he found a variety of jobs in the sector orderly : a sound system of work , staff are able to act according to the system. So he would follow his steps , follow the existing system to promote the business. With the progress of time, the environment has changed , but he did not re- plan everything, but still using the previous practice . Results of his inability to cope with the new situation gradually , also had to Tuiweirangxian it. Story two : Li Zhili improve morale is a good person . He happily took a new job . Under very fond of him , but also with the various aspects of his leadership . Environment has changed gradually , Li Zhili in addition to work harder , but did not carry out any plan or reorganization. At this time the fate of God came to save the verge of crisis managers.李志立crash before he transferred to the department to another department . His successor had immediate planning and restructuring , performance in a short time will be difficult to restore past levels. Then whenever someone李志立said: . " Performance in that sector has been as good as any at the level you ," he nodded though , it is clear that the reason is psychological self-inflicted . I had previously done a very competent manager's informal adviser . ( I mostly listen to his statement of the problem . ) He took the time to go through a big reorganization of management positions in order to promote the business . His boss said: much-needed restructuring of the sector , the newly appointed manager has the ability to do the necessary restructuring. But my friend is one of those when you are rolling the hoop to him , he can make it roll faster and better kind of person. But how to help start rolling hoop , he unsure where to start , so he reorganization fails , and financial aspects of the company at the time the Ministry was lost . After a manager of people , especially in highly institutionalized companies, not necessarily been planning to effectively perform his duties , had planned to perform the work , you can make him very busy , but also to get success , but if to adjust the plan , restructuring of job functions , or change the system , you can not rely on such people. Planning and restructuring in lower management positions , perhaps not see its importance. However, with soaring office , a manager sooner or later have to face the test of planning and organizational skills . Truly competent managers, even sitting in the distinct business management positions , but also can always be adjusted when necessary planning and organization . This ability to make his recommendations for improvement , and, when the current system has been shaken , to take defensive measures . Even if there is no need for any change in his term, the ability to think and plan , but also on the organizational ladder , he climbed the great barnyard . " Actors " are generally required than the " planners " won more acclaim , because " do" than "planning" more likely to be seen . However, in the long run , both the planning and the person can do in order to win reputation. So if the senior managers ignore the "planning" of this important influence , it is insensitive . Maybe we made