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In order to further promote the development of chain operation , effectively promote the circulation modernization process , give full play to the leading role in the economic development of modern circulation , according to the " Office of Sichuan Provincial People's Government on the promotion of the development of chain operation opinions" ( Chuan Ban Fa [ 2003 ] 27 No. ) spirit of the document , is to fit the actual city to speed up the views put forward chain development. 
    First, to improve the development of chain operation awareness of the importance and necessity 
     Economic development has become a modern circulation boosters and engines, is to determine the economic operation speed, quality and efficiency guiding force. Promote the development of modern distribution chain and ways to promote circulation modernization , is conscientiously implement the important measures " to deepen the circulation system , the development of modern methods of distribution ," the Congress raised the traditional business restructuring and upgrading , improving commercial scale technology , the degree of organization , promoting urban commercial layout tend to be reasonable , to improve the shopping environment , the formation of open markets will play an increasingly important role. 
In recent years, the rapid development of chain operation , commercial circulation strength, the chain to promote the city to become an important force for economic growth in commerce . However , due to historical reasons, the chain based in the city's modern commercial development compared with the coastal areas , the speed is still slow , which is building a modern commercial city center city , requiring the development of big business , big circulation , a large market very incompatible , to further promote the development of chain operation to seize the western development and the country 's accession to the WTO on the area of