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The manager really should do

Chairman Renda strategy management consulting firm Permeation published in " Sales and Management" in the December issue of the enterprise development process, are often faced with many temptations . As business owners , we should be able to calmly analyze scientific temptation to see the substance behind the temptation to be based on the enterprise 's mission , really do understand what the company's mission is to understand the business in the end what to do, to do business with the business to understand , doing business is still fundamentally different. I remember a few days ago saw two news stories : the first is Legend Holdings signed an agreement with the Zaozhuang municipal government , agreed in the next five years , to invest 18 billion yuan to build coal chemical industry base ; second is TCL Industries ( equity Hong Kong ) at a price of 88.8 million yuan to subscribe under the holding company of the Termbray Petro placing into the oilfield engineering industries. Lenovo and TCL are domestic well-known information in the field of large companies , is now a coal refining , refining, moving into the former main business and industry are not really relevant , teach people can not give birth to a fraction of reflection. Legend Holdings to build in Zaozhuang coal chemical industry base , for example, coal, methanol and olefins project investment , the outlook appears to be very attractive. According to estimates : one ton of coal sales profit of about 150 million; converted into electricity if its profits up 500 yuan ; if its profits are converted to methanol is about 800 yuan ; Ruozai into downstream products, the profits of up to 5000 yuan ! Typically , investment and coal methanol to olefins project business, or mastering techniques, or hold the hands of resources. [sup] [sup] [1] [/ sup] [/ sup] , such as investment and coal methanol to olefins project very successful Shenhua Group is China 's largest coal development companies , Total owns the world's first set of MTO, OCP and aggregation devices on the same production line of semi-industrial devices. The Legend Holdings in respect of coal chemical industry technology and resources are not dominant, it has invested in the coal industry, the move is inevitable speculation with very strong colors, its subsequent development is worrisome. Do business, such a belief must be firm : business success is not reflected in the performance of temporary capital , the amount of profit , if you can not maintain a sustained and healthy development , even in three years , five years to earn three billion , five billion , the long-term development of enterprises and is also meaningless. Do business, not the business, can not see the money earned , but the temptation of the moment can not be led by the nose high profits , otherwise it will go farther and farther away from their mission to locate , forget what the mission of the enterprise , the results make a moment of quick money , but lost nature , decay begins seeds germinate . Greece has such a myth , tells of a man called Sirens Sirens body surface birds , flying in the sea , with angelic voice , often singing sailors crossing the temptation of leaving the ship ran aground and sank , the crew then Sirens become belly meal. However , good harp son of the sun god Apollo, Orpheus will successfully resist the temptation Sirens , which is why? Because he used his piano overwhelmed the siren song . Closer to home, if the enterprise in the ocean compared with the Voyager , the moment the lure of high profits as a " sounds beautiful ," the siren song , then the business can withstand the temptation to avoid the curse song rocks , the Or can skillfully play "core competencies" that the piano , singing so smooth sailing overwhelm it ? The reality is that many enterprises due to vague mission , strategy wavering , in the " siren song " Temptation , which the industry has excess profits to be made, which will enter the industry . Over time, high profits to the temptation of quick money , is extremely easy to get lost in the fierce business competition, the more serious will be the impact of the corporate mission , vision and values