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The most important function of a strategic decision , the Organization of heritage strategy for the implementation of the organization is to provide an overall strategy for the implementation of the platform , what kind of strategy you need the appropriate organization to implement , rather than organizational decision strategy. As with the overall strategy of the organization to match and they will play to ensure and promote the role ; contrary will play the role of obstruction and sabotage . However, when the strategic direction of the enterprise mistakes occurred , want to solve the problems posed by strategic mistakes organizational changes , but also does not help. HNA Group has experienced high-speed, cross-regional , cross-industry diversification , is now the industry has gone far beyond the original shipping business to become a way of controlling mergers achievement, " HNA empire" of the main ways . Currently , HNA Group has covered a number of industrial landscape industrial air transport , travel services, airport management , logistics, hotel management , financial services, real estate, retail trade , etc., to cover food, clothing , transportation, travel , shopping and entertainment six industry , with more than 100 member companies , about ten listed companies. Diversification is one of the Group's business expansion , growth path , while diversification is also double-edged sword . Have the strength to control after a good , effective measures, steady pace of expansion , good benefits will be realized ; On the contrary , it is easy to shop stalls too large , capital chain stop , control weakened, irrational allocation of resources has been a phenomenon not poor . Now, with the continuous expansion of the territory of the HNA Group , the industry and the compartmentalization of coordinated management area has become a " naval empire" urgent need to address the problem . Beginning this year, " stall " shop was growing HNA Group , has begun to adjust the internal organizational structure , the establishment of regional management headquarters in multiple cross- industry sector , strengthen the supervision of the different sections of the same area of operations , coordination and management. The key issue is the organization and management model to adjust the regional management can resolve the problem of industrial diversification and professional management brings, regional head of more than one industry can achieve alone control , the ability to manage across multiple professional fields can be coordinated regional integration and synergy within multiple industries. Many companies involved in diversified multi-industry composition , calling diversified , but the essence of the chaos . Business management theory and management practice constantly remind us that companies only get strong enough synergies from the aspect of marketing, branding , technology, etc. , before they can carry out diversified business . And make business types and spatial span constrained within a certain range , to ensure that the enterprise infrastructure, human resources, marketing channels, brand influence , etc. can be fully shared , that is the premise of doing full -related diversification . As the link between HNA Group 's various business units are currently not very close , so regional management of shared sales and supply networks can not be achieved , managers difficult to achieve proficient management and operation of multiple industries , among the industry difficult to achieve resource sharing and strategic coordination, but good for the shared area of public relations and culture. Essentially , HNA Group 's regional management organizational changes , and can not achieve its goal of integration of internal resources and access to a variety of external resources , the fundamental reason is that the mistakes of HNA Group's diversification strategy , its diversified shop too broad , and the correlation between the various industries are not strong , it is difficult to achieve integration and collaboration industry. In addition, companies also need to expand the implementation of diversity management capabilities based on its own . Here 's management capabilities include excellent corporate culture , high-quality management personnel, ability to manage certain aspects of mature so . Those enterprises with more mature management experience to manage the advantage when the expansion as a diversified basis , must realize that once in an industry, a concrete proof of successful business management experience , may not be the new competitive environment , the new industry the do the same . The person in charge of regional management headquarters set HNA Group , is the person in charge of this important sector of the area served , he may have successful management experience in air transportation , airport management, logistics, however, travel services , hotel management, management, financial services, real estate, retail trade and other industries is not too much , lack of management experience , is likely to cause confusion in management . Many of our companies are keen to diversify at the same time , the financial center of the storm was at Citigroup, but after a massive restructuring, emphasizing its core business , basically the end of its disastrous mortgage derivatives CDO sector , the recent a turning point , its third -quarter profit $ 2.2 billion , far higher than the $ 101 million a year earlier. Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit from the date of the new office , the decision to break Citigroup "giant " type structure, Citigroup becomes a smaller scale , but more cautious, more flexible companies. January 16, 2009 , Citigroup announced that the company split into Citicorp (Citicorp) and the United States holding company (Citi Holdings) in two parts, which means Pandit of Citigroup 's strong business will be spun off . Citicorp centralized core banking Citi , and Citi Holdings Citigroup wants to sell the division will be grouped together ; April 2010 , Citigroup will be a $ 4.2 billion hedge fund sector sell SkyBridge Capital; 2010 third quarter , Pan Dieter Citi's almost hard assets and non-core business processes more than half, sold more than $ 406 billion in assets , further operations on its core banking business to come ; June 2010 , Citigroup announced it would close 330 branches institutions , and actively looking for a buyer for these CitiFinancial branches belong. Citigroup's new strategy is to focus on traditional strengths , but will continue to lose money in other sectors gradually sold or closed. This allows Citigroup to return to its core business strategy , it can be more efficient use of capital , business operations more transparent and would help it resolve the financial crisis, financial crisis, [url = http:///] financial crisis [/ url] in the problems . [ 1 ] Citigroup do " subtraction" Refocusing strategy and the strategic framework for the organization split and contraction , is the problem facing the crisis made