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Safety precautions for oil tank cleaning can not be ignored

Safety precautions for oil tank cleaning can not be ignored

Oil tank cleaning is a high risk job. Incorrect operation procedures or personnel operation may cause oil tank accidents. Some accidents, such as fire, explosion, poisoning, environmental pollution and so on, are easy to take place in the operation, and even cause casualties. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the oil tank operation.


Safety measures for oil tank cleaning:


(1) professional training for people who participate in on-site construction. Workers must make good technical disclosure and safety education before starting work, strengthen fire prevention and explosion protection awareness, perform hazard analysis (JHA) and risk assessment.


(2) the strict implementation of major operation ticket examination and approval system in the construction process, and the "three fire" principle, strengthen the construction monitoring for illegal command or may endanger the oil depot safety behavior in a timely manner to stop.


(3) improve the quality of typical case analysis, and regularly organize the case analysis of attempted accident.


(4) according to the actual conditions of the gas station, the "guidance book of oil tank cleaning operation" and the operating regulations of the oil tank cleaning operation are revised and perfected. We should implement the supervision system and the person responsible and prepare for the emergency rescue.


(5) before the oil tank cleaning operation, the appropriate amount of fire-fighting equipment should be installed at the upwind direction of the workplace, and the on-site fire duty personnel should be well prepared for fire fighting.


(6) during the cleaning process, the on-site guardians must detect the oil and gas every 5 minutes, and supply the wind and oxygen to the operators in time, so as to avoid the oil and gas density exceeding the standard and cause suffocation and death.


(6) safety management after cleaning welding should strictly implement the fire. Before welding, to measure the concentration of oil gas tank, the oil concentration to less than 50% of the lower explosion limit is qualified.


(7) do the cleaning of oil tank waste treatment, wastewater by chemical cleaning tank to discharge, after the chemical treatment of unified emissions; prohibit the discharge of sewage, oily wastewater is necessary after recycling, into the oil-water separation tank, so as not to cause environmental and soil pollution.


(8) the introduction of oil and gas pipes, pipes, steam nozzles and other metal parts, as well as oil drain hose and related mechanical equipment, shall be electrically connected with the oil tank and have reliable grounding. The oil tank cleaning operation should be stopped in the thunderstorm day.


(9) completely remove the combustibles in the oil tank. The rust skin of the tank wall and the bottom plate should be removed to prevent the burning of the combustible material deposited here in the welding operation.


(10) safe operation and no illegal cleaning. In order to ensure safety, oil pipelines should not be used instead of water pipes for washing tanks. Temporary intake pipes must be installed. No high pressure water gun or spray steam should be used to wash the tank walls.


(11) oil tank cleaning regulations must be strictly enforced. The cleaning operation should be carried out under strict organization, and the special inspection tools and cleaning equipment must be prepared, including adequate fire fighting equipment. During the operation, there should be full-time personnel on fire duty on site and ready to put out fire fighting and rescue at any time.


(12) tank cleaning workers should not wash with high pressure water guns or wipe with chemical fiber mops or rag, etc. when cleaning tanks, there must be high intensity lightning, frequent lightning strikes or heavy rain. The cleaning of the mechanical impurities, sewage has not been treated, can not be arranged at random (pile) or any discarding.

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